BARC-Rigging Web Chain

BARC-Rigging Web Chain



Big Ass Rigging Chain. That is what our field testers dubbed it. Actually, BARC stands for Basal Anchor Rigging Chain, but who are we to argue? Try one and you'll be a believer. Building on the popularity of Sterling's versatile Chain Reactors, the BARC is made from 1” T9800 nylon webbing sewn into individual full-strength loops for an adjustable and incredibly strong chain. Designed for use as a basal anchor with your Portawrap or other friction brake lowering device, the BARC can also accommodate your rigging block aloft. BARC comes in 5ft and 8.5ft versions to accommodate trees up to 19" and 32" in diameter, respectively. Bold prediction: once you get a BARC, you willll find yourself inventing new uses for it.

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