• 5.11 Tactical

    5.11 SR A6 Flashlight 602 lm 6 x AA

    Developed with direct input from seasoned Search and Rescue professionals from around the world, the S+R A6 Flashlight casts a brilliant 602 lumens of light, is powered by six AA batteries (included), and is specifically engineered for durability and...

  • AimSHOT

    AimSHOT TXP Pistol LED Light Adjustable with Li-Ion Battery

    TXP AimSHOT Pistol LED Light Rechargeable Battery - Following in the footsteps of our revolutionary pistol mounted green lasers is the AimSHOT TXP Pistol LED light. Like our pistol green lasers, the TXP is powered by an ultra compact Li-Ion rechargeable...

  • AimSHOT

    AimSHOT TZ980-WH Adjust. Beam Wireless Flashlight Kit

    TZ980-WH AimSHOT Adjustable Beam Wireless Light Kit. The revolutionary TZ980 is a unique flashlight designed by AimSHOT from the ground up as a weapon mounted adjustable focus light for hunting and tactical use. It is the only adjustable beam light on...

  • Alpine Mountain Gear

    Alpine Mountain Gear 300 Lumen Multi Focus Head Lamp

    The Alpine Mountain Gear 300 Lumen Multi Focus Head Lamp is a tremendous head lamp that is powered by 3 AAA batteries. This headlamp has an adjustable focus to cover a wide area and you can also adjust the light to have a very focused beam. The is a...

  • Alpine Mountain Gear

    Alpine Mountain Gear 750 Lumen Multi Function Flashlight

    The Alpine Mountain Gear 750 Lumen Multi Function Flashlight is a very bright light that can be used to light up a very large area. This light is powered by 3 AA batteries and uses a Cree XM-L2 LED. This is a very durable light that has three usable...

  • Bayco

    Bayco 120 LED Recharge Under Hood Worklight SLR-2120

    The light bar can easily be removed from the included cradle bracket. Each handle independently rotates up or down with 200+ degrees range of motion while the flat surface at the end of each handle can also serve as a stand for the light bar...

  • Bayco

    Bayco Dual Function 66 LED Recharge Work Light SLR-2166

    The Bayco rechargeable all LED Work Light has both a spotlight and a floodlight built in. The spotlight, located in the base of the handle, is rated at 12 Lumens. It's perfect for putting a narrow beam of light into a specific area. The floodlight, rated...

  • Blackfire

    Blackfire Clamplight Backpack

    Blackfire Clamplight Backpack is the only lantern that can clamp, stand, pivot and function as a traditional flashlight. Clamps to almost anything for bright, hands-free light. There are four light modes: high lantern, low lantern, strobe and flashlight...

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