• Airhead

    Airhead Big Dog 6 Inflatable Six Rider Towable

    You’ve ridden these classic “banana" inflatables at beach resorts, having the time of your life; now it’s time to actually own a commercial grade BIG DOG! All seams are hot air overlap welded to increase durability. The double reinforced tow harness is...

  • Caddis Sports

    Caddis High Sierra II Float Tube HS/2

    The High Sierra II is an upgraded float tube model that provides increased stability in the water. Two good-sized storage pockets are located on the sides. A rod holder is located in front for easy travel, and the mesh nylon apron bungees to the back...

  • Caddis Sports

    Caddis Navigator IV Float Tube NAV/4

    The NAV/4 is designed with pontoon floats for comfort and stability. It comes with a nylon mesh-working/stripping apron that is connected to the padded stabilizer bar. A cupholder in the apron will come in handy for beverages. The storage pockets are...

  • Caddis Sports

    Caddis Nevada Float Tube NEVADA/FT

    The Nevada is a U-shape design. It’s size and shape enhances stability and maneuverability. The Nevada is a great tube for fisherman. It includes extra large storage compartments, a fly patch to hold your flies, a stripping apron to strip your fly line...

  • Caddis Sports

    Caddis Nevada Gold Float Tube NEVADA/GOLD

    Earning its name from all the valuable features it offers, the Caddis Sports Nevada Gold Float Tube helps anglers reach those ‘’golden spots’’ non-tubing anglers simply can’t get to. Its size and U-shape design provides outstanding stability and easy...

  • Caddis Sports

    Caddis Pro 2000 Float Tube PRO/2000

    The Pro 2000 is a unique float tube in the Caddis line up. It’s U-shaped, but uniquely designed for enhanced performance unlike any other U-shaped tube on the market. The Pro 2000 also comes with a padded seat allowing the user to sit high in the tube...

  • Caddis Sports

    Caddis Sports Navigator EX Fisherman Float Tube

    Designed with larger anglers in mind, the Caddis Navigator EX Float Tube is the comfortable way to get farther from the bank where the big fish hang out. Its durable ripstop material stands up to bumps against rocks and logs, protecting the custom...

  • Caddis Sports

    Caddis Sports Premier Plus Fisherman Float Tube - Yellow

    Premier Plus Float Tube is an excellent float tube for any serious fisherman. The top and pockets are made of heavy-duty rip stop material and heavy duty Tarpaulin bottom to reduce resistance in the water and protect against punctures and wear. All...

  • Full Throttle

    Full Throttle Howler 1 Rider Blue

    Inflated back rest and seat for a softer cushion ride Multiple handles accommodate riders of any size Extra heavy-duty 30 gauge PVC construction Large neoprene knuckle guards for comfort EZ Connect towing harness for easy rope hook-up and better control...

  • Sea Eagle

    Sea Eagle 330 Kayak Pro Package

    Sea Eagle's lightest, most portable kayak is America's most popular. The versatile Sea Eagle 330 weighs just 26 lbs. and packs down small enough to fit in the smallest car trunk. Don't let the lightweight fool you, it's a rugged kayak able to hold 2...

  • Sea Eagle

    Sea Eagle 330 Sport Kayak Deluxe Package

    The Sea Eagle 330 Kayak Deluxe Package is Sea Eagle's lightest, most portable kayak and is America's most popular kayak. It weighs just 26 lbs. and packs down small enough to fit in the smallest car trunk. Don't let the light weight fool you, it's a...

  • Sea Eagle

    Sea Eagle 370 Kayak Pro Package

    The Sea Eagle SE370 Pro Kayak is a very popular package. This kayak is over a foot longer than the SE330, has more space and weight capacity for gear and/or kids and/or dogs. Ideal to take on lake camping trips where extra gear is a necessity or for tall...

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