Gun Cleaners

  • Allen

    Allen Ruger Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit

    The Ruger Universal Handgun Cleaning Kit provides high quality brass cleaning tools that will allow you to clean all handgun calibers. It includes a multi-piece rod with handle, rod tips, brushes, and swabs all conveniently packed within a quality molded...

  • Allen

    Allen Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit - 65 Pieces

    The Allen Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit (65 Pieces) is a professional grade cleaning kit that uses high grade components, stored in a tool box specifically built for gun cleaning. Each cleaning tool has its own fitted compartment that is named with the items...

  • Breakthrough Clean Technologies

    Breakthrough Cleaning Kit .22 cal thru 12 gauge - Black

    The Breakthrough Clean custom designed universal LOC-U (Long Gun Operator’s Cleaning Kit – Universal) contains everything you need for a cleaner gun in one convenient cleaning kit. Includes high quality, durable cleaning rods as well as the bestselling...

  • Otis Technology

    Otis .223 cal Patriot Series Rifle Cleaning Kit

    The PATRIOT Series Pistol Cleaning Kit by OTIS offers the essential firearm maintenance gear to properly clean from Breech-to-Muzzle. This cleaning kit is designed to clean the .223. Made in the USA and at a price that won't break the bank, you can pick...

  • Otis Technology

    Otis 5.56mm/9mm Defender Series Cleaning System

    The Defender Series Cleaning Systems by Otis contain all the tools needed for proper Breech-to-Muzzle cleaning - such as Memory-Flex cables, bore brush, slotted tip, and patches. It features a Ripcord for quick, one-pass cleaning. It also includes an...

  • Tipton

    Tipton Compact Rifle Cleaning Kit

    The Tipton Compact Rifle Cleaning Kit fits into an AR rifle magazine pouch and can be used on .22cal or .30cal rifles. Provides a bolt scraper tool with multiple functions and correct sized jags and brushes. Also comes with a cleaning pick, nylon brush,...

  • Tipton

    Tipton Gun Butler

    Two removable non-marring forks hold the gun securely in place, while thoughtfully-planned compartments and slots hold bore solvent, jags, brushes, mops, a cleaning rod, spray lubricant, and tools. Has a convenient carrying handle for easy transport.

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