Hydra - Triple Attachment Pulley

Hydra - Triple Attachment Pulley

P4 Hydra


Any tool for arborists needs to be lightweight, durable and serve a variety of functions. The HYDRA fits that description by providing the functionality of a pulley with a rig plate. The HYDRA’s swivel top offers three connection points lined with rubber o-rings to grip carabiners tightly. These connection points were specifically designed for the rockO carabiner to avoid dangerous cross-loading.

The most simple use of the HYDRA pulley is on the rope bridge of the saddle, but it can be used in a variety of advanced ways. The Hydra is used in ascent systems, lanyard systems, fliplines, or as a redirect as shown below. In any configuration, the use of the HYDRA is greatly enhanced by the flexibility to add multiple connections and rotate when needed.

    • Combines a pulley, rigging plate and swivel all in one compact piece of equipment
    • Use on the saddle bridge, as a lanyard adjuster or in your climbing system
    • Eliminates twisting of the climbing line when used as a rolling attachment point on the saddle bridge
    • Rubber grommet-lined attachment points hold carabiners snugly to help prevent cross-loading
    • Pulley body is machined from solid aluminum to increase strength and decrease weight

Weight: 20 oz (575 gm)
MBS: 2 x 14 kN=28 kN
WLL: 2 x 2.5 kN=5 kN
Max Rope: 13 mm
Sheave Dia: 2.1(53mm)
Certification: CE




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