• Petzl


        Protective eye shield for VERTEX and ALVEO helmets The VIZIR eye shield ensures eye protection and integrates perfectly into VERTEX and ALVEO helmets. It installs easily with the two inserts on these helmets. It also has...

  • Petzl


      Throw-line The AIRLINE throw-line offers an excellent compromise between flexibility and rigidity, for an accurate throw without the formation of knots as it comes out of the bag. The excellent sheath-core bond maintains a round...

  • Skylotec

    Double 0 Tri-Lock Carabiner

    Description The Skylotec Double O Tri-Lock carabiner is the next generation of oval carabiner with 180 degree technology and smooth triple-locking mechanism for maximum safety. With the new carabiner series, the sleeve that closes the gate can...

  • Rock Exotica

    Hydra - Triple Attachment Pulley

    Any tool for arborists needs to be lightweight, durable and serve a variety of functions. The HYDRA fits that description by providing the functionality of a pulley with a rig plate. The HYDRA’s swivel top offers three connection points lined with...

  • Petzl


      Throw-bag Double-layer construction gives the JET throw-bag excellent longevity. Its streamlined shape facilitates passage through tree branches. It is available in three versions: 250, 300 and 350 g. Description Throw bag has...

  • Petzl


        Double adjustable progression lanyard PROGRESS ADJUST is a double adjustable progression lanyard that enables continuous connection for all types of progression (rope ascent, movement along a lifeline...). Thanks to the ADJUST rope...

  • Petzl


        Single adjustable progression lanyard Single adjustable progression lanyard allows continuous connection during all types of progression when used with a second lanyard (rope ascent, traverse on a safety line...). Thanks to the...

  • Rock Exotica

    Rock Exotica Akimbo

    The Akimbo is a unique arborist climbing tool that enables the climber to ascend, descend and position on both stationary rope and moving rope systems. The Akimbo features rope contact surfaces (Upper and Lower Bollards) that adjust to accommodate a wide...

  • Rock Exotica

    Rock Exotica Rockstar 3D Rigging Plate

    The rockStar gives rigging professionals a variety of advantages over flat rigplates. Now professionals have the ability to connect multiple lines from several dimensions to create a floating anchor that before the release of our first 3D rigplate, was...

  • Petzl


        Pulley carabiner Pulley carabiner, available in versions with or without TRIACT-LOCK locking system. The version with the TRIACT-LOCK locking system can be used to minimize friction on the work rope or to install redirects. The...

  • Rock Exotica

    SwivaBiner Auto-Lock Carabiner

    The SwivaBiner features a high-strength bushing that will withstand greater abuse than a bearing. The SwivaBiner is designed to re-orient a load, and not provide high-speed rotation. Machined FrameThe frame of the SwivaBiner and SwivaEye are machined...

  • Rock Exotica

    SwivaEye Auto-Lock Carabiner

    The SwivaEye is the integration of Rock Exotica's technically advanced carabiners integrating thier high-efficiency swivels into the carabiner.Machined Frame The frame of the SwivaBiner and SwivaEye are machined out of a solid block of aluminum to allow...

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