• Elk River

    5/8" ROPE GRAB WITH LANYARD by Elk River

    Part Number and Size: 19272 - 2’ 19273 - 3’ Features: 5/8” Trailing Rope Grab with 2” ring, Anti-Inversion device built in to alert upside down installation, Energy-Absorbing ZORBER Web Lanyard, Zsnaphook with 3.6M Gate Type...

  • Elk River

    5/8" TRAILING ROPE GRAB by Elk River

    5/8” Trailing Rope Grab with 1-1/4” Ring Features: Designed for use with 5/8” 3-strand braided rope and Low Stretch 5/8" Kernmantle rope Anti-Inversion Anti-Panic Type Use: General / Construction / Industrial Man-Rating: Man-rated to...

  • Petzl


        Double adjustable progression lanyard PROGRESS ADJUST is a double adjustable progression lanyard that enables continuous connection for all types of progression (rope ascent, movement along a lifeline...). Thanks to the ADJUST rope...

  • Elk River

    Wire Cable Grabs by Elk River

    Part Numbers: 19401 - 3/8” 19402 - 5/16” Materials: Stainless Steel Description: Cable grab is a cam actuated fall arrester, which slides freely up and down a stainless steel or galvanized steel wire cable and locks on the cable to arrest...

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