• Sterling Rope

    1" Flat Nylon Rabbit Runner

    The Flat Rabbit Runner is constructed using our 1" 9800 flat webbing. This runner is versatile and perfect to use in rescue or rope access anchors and industrial rigging.

  • Sterling Rope

    1" Tubular Mil-Spec 300'

    The standard in 1" webbing, Mil-Spec tubular webbing is favored by climbers and rescue specialists for slings and anchor systems as it offers exceptional abrasion resistance. As it's name implies, Mil-Spec is also the standard webbing for military...

  • 10mm Water Rescue Rope

    Designed at the request of our customers, this rope is intended for use as a bagged throw rope for boat or shore based water rescue. The continuous stranded polypropylene core provides flotation to the wear – resistant braided nylon sheath. This...

  • PMI Rope

    11 mm Extreme Pro™ with Unicore Technology Rope

    An incredible new PMI rope, Extreme Pro with Unicore® technology is the ultimate polyester kernmantle rope. Unicore® technology creates the ultimate bond between sheath and core. This bond ensures sheath slippage is nearly zero, even when the...

  • PMI Rope

    11 mm Pit Rope

    Considered the Gold Standard of caving ropes by recreational cavers and rescuers alike, PMI Pit Rope is one of the burliest and longest-lasting ropes available today. The Max-Wear sheath is designed to withstand the harshest of cave environments, and...

  • Yates

    320 NFPA Seat Harness

    Designed for fire department, rescue, military, industrial and commercial applications where a Class II seat harness is required. Quickly and easily donned and adjusted by use of camlock buckles.• 320 one size, fully adjustable, 1 lb. 9 oz.•...

  • Yates

    380 Voyager Harness

    "New for 2014" Wider waist pad! Voyager Harness now comes with same width waist pad as Rope Access Harness. The Voyager has become the standard of the rescue professional who needs a versatile harness with multiple attachment points. 5 inch waist...

  • Yates

    380R Voyager Riggers Harness

    "New for 2014" Wider waist pad! Voyager Riggers Harness now comes with same width waist pad as Rope Access Harness. For professional use in stage rigging and construction applications where a lightweight Class III harness with positioning rings and...

  • Yates

    384 Technical Rescue II Harness

    A tuned down super lightweight version of the popular Voyager Harness. Great harness for entry level technical rescue, rope access, short haul, and basic rope rescue uses.Waist belt portion and leg pads of the harness use smaller and thinner padding...

  • Yates

    386 Basic Rigging Harness

    A tuned down super light weight version of the Voyager Riggers harness at a very attractive price. Waist belt portion of the harness uses smaller and thinner padding material to save weight and reduce bulk. Wide anatomical leg pad are also a thinner...

  • SMC

    6.8mm HollowBlock

    Able to grab onto rope efficiently when used as a prusik or Klemheist knot on ropes 7mm or larger, our 6.8 mm Hollow Block's gripping ability comes from its hollow braid cord construction composed of strong, durable aramid fibers. Available in 13.5" ad...

  • S a l e

    Sterling Rope

    6mm Purcell Loop

    Our sewn Purcells are designed for tricky, emergency two or three point ascending or self-belay and known for strength, durability, and adjust-ability.      

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