• Skylotec

    Double 0 Tri-Lock Carabiner

    Description The Skylotec Double O Tri-Lock carabiner is the next generation of oval carabiner with 180 degree technology and smooth triple-locking mechanism for maximum safety. With the new carabiner series, the sleeve that closes the gate can...

  • Petzl


        Pulley carabiner Pulley carabiner, available in versions with or without TRIACT-LOCK locking system. The version with the TRIACT-LOCK locking system can be used to minimize friction on the work rope or to install redirects. The...

  • Rock Exotica

    SwivaBiner Auto-Lock Carabiner

    The SwivaBiner features a high-strength bushing that will withstand greater abuse than a bearing. The SwivaBiner is designed to re-orient a load, and not provide high-speed rotation. Machined FrameThe frame of the SwivaBiner and SwivaEye are machined...

  • Rock Exotica

    SwivaEye Auto-Lock Carabiner

    The SwivaEye is the integration of Rock Exotica's technically advanced carabiners integrating thier high-efficiency swivels into the carabiner.Machined Frame The frame of the SwivaBiner and SwivaEye are machined out of a solid block of aluminum to allow...

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