Sterling Rope

  • Sterling Rope

    1" Flat Nylon Rabbit Runner

    The Flat Rabbit Runner is constructed using our 1" 9800 flat webbing. This runner is versatile and perfect to use in rescue or rope access anchors and industrial rigging.

  • Sterling Rope

    1" Tubular Mil-Spec 300'

    The standard in 1" webbing, Mil-Spec tubular webbing is favored by climbers and rescue specialists for slings and anchor systems as it offers exceptional abrasion resistance. As it's name implies,...

  • Sterling Rope

    1/2" HTP Static Rope

    Low elongation makes this rope the top choice for mainline, haul systems and highline use. The strength that this rope provides also makes it a great choice specialized rescues and industrial safety...

  • Sterling Rope

    1/2" SuperStatic2 Rope

    A technical rescue and high angle multi-use rescue rope that is perfect for mainline rescue and belay line systems. 100% nylon low stretch kernmantle 41/59 sheath/core ratio yields best durability...

  • Sterling Rope

    10.5mm SafetyPro Rope

    A technical work and rescue line, manufactured to meet the EN standards, the 10.5mm SafetyPro has excellent abrasion resistance and is the perfect option for rappel and backup lines. 100% nylon low...

  • Sterling Rope

    10mm SafetyPro Rope

    Manufactured to meet the demands of work and rescue professionals, the 10mm SafetyPro has balanced construction and is ideal for rappel and tag lines, anchor systems or light rescue loads when using...

  • Sterling Rope

    11/16" Tubular Web 300'

    11/16" nylon webbing provides great strength and low weight which makes it versatile for slings and daisy chains. MBS of 3000 lbs (straight pull)

  • Sterling Rope

    11mm SafetyPro Rope

    The workhorse of the SafetyPro series, the 11mm offers a smooth tight sheath which allows the rope to run smoothly through gear. A technical work and rescue line, manufactured to meet the EN...

  • Sterling Rope

    3/8" HTP Static Rope

    100% polyester static with super low-elongataion, superior abrasion resistance and better efficiency in mechanical systems. Ideal for lightweight fixing, anchors, haul lines, and z-drag systems...

  • Sterling Rope

    3/8" SuperStatic2 Rope

    A balanced construction and higher twist levels make this rope easy to deploy and handle. 100% Nylon Low stretch kernmantle Ideal for taglines, anchors, and lightweight rappel lines Great for SAR...

  • Sterling Rope

    5/8" HTP Static Rope

    With its large diameter and high strength, this rope is ideal for tower construction, bridge work, and industrial safety. Note: tracer colors are subject to change.   All HTP ropes are certified...

  • Sterling Rope

    5/8" SuperStatic2 Rope

    This heavy duty rope has been engineered for serious lifting. Boasting a 55kN MBS makes this a perfect choice as a haul line for tower construction work and other big jobs. As a bonus, it's also...

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